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Better Utility Shutoff Signage

 Download Combo Package (Water, Hot Water, Electric & Gas) PDF, 2.5 Meg

Water is squirting from under the kitchen sink!  You're  in a panic looking for the main water shut-off. It's an emergency! Does the baby sitter know how and where to shut off the water?

Knowing the location for utility shut-off locations prior to the emergency will save precious time for you, the baby sitter, the fire department and may reduce damage cost.

The fire department recommends labeling all emergency shut-off's with easy to read signage. Printing and posting the shut-off signs displayed below makes a fun project for kids or grandkids, and teaches them the locations for each.  Good signage also minimizes the mistake of turning off the wrong valve.


If you shut-off the natural gas or propane gas

 NEVER turn it back on

Call a qualified person or the gas company for that task.


Tape the sign to a section of cardboard and using a string, hang each sign close to the shut-off valve.

Right Tightens - Left Loosens: Exercise (turn off and on) your water shut-off valve annually or more often to maintain ease of operation.

Click on the pictures below to download
individual shut-off signs (pdf).


 Breaker Panel Labels

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